Drupalcon Boston 2008

drupalconlogo200It’s been more than four years since I began using the open source appliction Drupal at the end of 2003, and it’s come a long way in that time. This week more than 800 folks from around the world gathered in Boston to Drupalcon 2008 to geek out with fellow Drupalers at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Though I could only be there for one day, it was great to experience the friendly, generous OS vibe that’s such a big part of this community and feel all the enthusiasm for what’s coming next for Drupal.

It was particularly encouraging to see issues of user experience design being emphasized, since this is something we’ve been working hard on this year at BC. On Thursay I gave a talk called “Building Capacity Through Good Usability: Lessons from Instructional Design” and it was helpful other people with a similar interest in improving the usability resources for those designing with Drupal.