Walden Pond in Fall

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    Walden Pond in Fall

    This afternoon we spend some time at Walden in the heart of fall. View photo gallery

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    A Heavenly Harvest: First CSA Pick-up

    This evening after work I stopped by Community Servings here in JP to pick up my first CSA delivery of fruits and veggies straight from Heaven’s Harvest Farm in New Braintree, MA. It’s the first time I’ve tried community supported agriculture, so after reading Michael Polland and Bill McKibben recently, I’m excited to try out a new relationship to my food. 

    Here’s what I got in this delivery (as closely as I can identify):

    redcor kale
    green kale
    collard greens
    romane lettuce
    a lemony mint plant

    If anyone has relevant recipes, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. 

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    Eastern Point Lighthouse

    Yesterday we took a pleasant bike ride around the Eastern Point area of Gloucester, a peninsula that sticks out into Gloucester Harbor. I’ve driven around the loop any times, but it was only as we began exploring some of the side roads that we discovered entire areas that we didn’t realize existed. Following one such road took us back among the summer houses of the absurdly rich, one of which was the Beauport, former home of interior designer Henry Davis Sleeper. Eventually we ended up at the Eastern Point Lighthouse and the Gloucester Tidebreak. Walking out to the end afforded us fine views of both the lighthouse and downtown Gloucester.

    On our way home we swung through the Rocky Neck Art Colony, which the oldest active art colony in the country. Unfortunately, most of the galleries were closed for the day, and most everything else seemed to closed for the season.

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    Memorial for a Downed Cyclist

    While riding over the I-90 footbridge this weekend, I came across a memorial for Kirsten Malone, a young woman killed on Saturday when she was struck by a car, apparently in the area where the down ramp meets the frontage road–not the safest interchange for bikers. I assume the bike painted white and chained to nearby telephone pole was installed in her honor.

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    Halibut Point

    Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA.

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