Month: October 2007

  • Halloween, JP Style

    JP Lantern Parade: Cathy deciding which lantern to buyJP Lantern ParadeSunday evening was the annual Lantern Parade at Jamaica Pond, a community event which involves walking around the pond with lanterns lit. Kids come in their costumes, music is playing, a cider press provide fresh apple cider–it’s a great scene.

    Tonight as I was riding home from work I passed more tricker-treaters in Brookline and JP than I have for as long as I can remember, and I realized that it’s been quite some time since I lived in a residental neighborhood with enough families and kids to support conventional Halloween festivities. I didn’t think to buy any candy because I just assumed that no-one would be out–this is how warped my perspect got after living in Allston for so long.

    Back in my neighbhood, I was delighted to see so many costumed kids out and about and many neighbors sitting out on their front porch with candy to greet the kids. I was disappointed not to participate, but I’m glad to know that the neighborhood does it up right. Next year, I’ll be home early and ready, sitting on the porch with the light on and a bucket of candy.


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  • Biking Views: fall morning on Cottage St.
  • Why Bike to Work?

    “Why bike to work?” Because you might see something interesting along the way, according to Phillip Barron at Phillip emailed me with link to this great slideshow of photos he’s taken while biking in the Durham, NC area. I like the way he includes a bike in each image, as if to remind us that the bike not only transportation that gets us around but a vehicle for seeing the world on a daily basis.

    View Phillip’s photo gallery:

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  • I Heart Commuting

    Thanks to Sara for sending this my way. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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  • Home on Rossmore Rd: the Video

    Just a little video to introduce you to my place:



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