Month: May 2005

  • Writing Places

    The first copies of Writing Places: A Longman Topics Reader appeared yesterday, a little over a year after Paula, George, Staci, and I started the project. It was a pleasure working with these friends during that time, and I hope the fruits of our long hours spent in Cafenation and the O’Neill study rooms will prove useful for some place-based pedagogues out there.

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  • Remnants of Spring

    As I biked to Brighton Center this morning, I felt like I had missed the parade. In front of St. Elizabeth’s hospital the wind was blowing pink and red blossoms like confetti, gathering them into piles along the burb. With all the cold, rainy weather we’ve had, what I think I actually missed was spring.

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  • A Critical Guide to Boston-Area Memorials

    This past week I finished developing a site called Past Shapes, Present Stories: A Critical Guide to Boston-Area Memorials for a friend and colleague of mine at BC who has been teaching the American Literary History III survey this semester. As a final project assignment, Trevor had his students research local memorials and produce critical readings of them, which has resulted in this online collection of downloadable guides.

    To design the site, I integrated a Flash mapping application called Map Bureau ( with a a simple PHP/MySQL interface so that Trevor could help enter his students project descriptions. This marks my first real foray into online mapping, and now I’m anxious to begin exploring ways to geocode blog entries using some of the location-based Drupal modules currently under development.

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