A Noreaster and a Return to Blogging

Tonight I’m snowed in by a good old-fashioned Noreaster, and I’ve decided now is as a good a time as any return to the Whereproject. We’re supposed to get 20-30 inches and wind gusts of 50 mph (close to 70 on the Cape), so I’ll probably be hunkered done here at home until tomorrow night. I stopped by Home Depot and Shaws to this afternoon to buy groceries and a shovel, and both places where complete madhouses–everyone storing up to ride out the storm.

My hiatus from blogging has been longer than I intended, but the Christmas break and beginning of the semester brought more work than I expected: I submitted an webtext on place blogging to Kairos; I finished designing my First-Year Writing seminar for this spring; I set up a small web hosting business (emphasis on the small) to serve friends and family; I designed a site for Bob Massie to keep folks updated on his upcoming liver transplant; and tonight I upgrade the Whereproject to Drupal 4.5.2 (from 4.3). So I’ve been busy, but now I hope to get back into a steadier schedule with more time for blogging. We’ll see…

(Update: it is now officially insane outside. We must have a foot of snow aready and the wind is ferocious. This could be the best blizzard I’ve seen since I moved to Boston. It may not set records for snow, but what we have is blowing around like crazy.)

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