Save Our Lady of Presentation

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    Save Our Lady of Presentation

    This evening the voice of my blogging conscience emailed with the subject line, “Where’s the Where?” Good question, Nancy. The last week or two week, the place-based composition reader I’m working on with some colleagues as taken over my life and kept me from blogging about place (and kept me from being in any places besides the spot right in front of my computer). So Nancy has motivated me to post a photo I stopped to take earlier today.

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    A Weekend in Portland

    Sometimes just when you feel the busiest and most overwhelmed, the best thing to do is leave town. So this is what we did this weekend, and it turns out that spending the weekend exploring Portland with friends was just what I needed.

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    Leaves in Water: Mackworth Island, ME

    Taken on Mackworth Island, just of the coast of Portland, Maine. 

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    Thingster is an open-source weblogging service for locative media. It is being developed by Anselm Hook, Tom Longson and Brad Degraf in association with Locative – a multi-disciplinary group of theorists, artists and engineers exploring the implications of attaching information to place.

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    From Friendster to Thingster

    My twin distractions this afternoon have been Friendster and Thingster, two different kinds of social networking applications that I hadn’t tried before.

    Andrew invited me to join Friendster and once I signed up, I wasted part of the afternoon figuring out how it worked and browsing through the gallery. It definitely weaves a sticky network; once I started exploring, I found it hard to stop.

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    Bonfire in Lanesville

    I spent this July 4th out in Lanesville, a village of Gloucester on Cape Anne, about an hour drive north of Boston. Around 9:00 we walked down to Lane’s cove to watch home-grown fireworks and the largest bonfire I’d ever seen–a pile of wood about 30 feet high with a sailboat perched on top. It was a spectacular sight, and we could all felt like Boston’s Esplanade had nothing over us.

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    Pancakes Across America

    Thanks to Numenius at Feathers of Hope, I discovered a great breakfast website this morning, and it has inspired me to keep my dream of designing a collaborative breakfast website alive.

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    More about Kirsten Malone

    I seem to keep crossing paths with Kirsten Malone, even through I’ve never met her and, sadly, she’s no longer alive. I mentioned passing her memorial a couple weeks ago but at that point I didn’t anything about her. On Wednesday I discovered that my colleague Jeanne and her husband were friends of hers (David actually dated her for a time and appears on Kirsten’s very funny Love Resume. After passing her neighhorhood memorial serveral times and reading the links Jeanne sent me, she’s beginning to feel like a neighbor who I just missed meeting.

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