Month: April 2004

  • Defining locative media, summarizing the project

    In this piece in the Guardian from about a year ago, Jim McClellan offers a succint summary of locative media, one that also resonates with the core interests of my dissertation project:

    When the net first went mainstream, people talked up cyberspace as some sort of alternative global space, a new frontier where distance was dead and you were free to associate with like minds around the world. Where you were in the real world wasn’t supposed to be that important.

    Now, things are beginning to move in the opposite direction.

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  • The Watertown Arsenal

    Tonight Robert, Staci, and I celebrated the end of busy week with dinner at Red Sauce, housed in one of the Water Arsenal buildings. Walking to the restaurant, Robert and I commented on how nicely renovated the buildings and grounds looked, and on our way out, we were amazed to discover the Italianate Commander’s Mansion standing just behind the Arsenal grounds. When I got home, I began to poke around on the web to find out more about the mansion and the Arsenal property.

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  • Blue Heron at Mt. Auburn

    Blue Heron at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Easter Morning

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