Month: March 2004

  • The Burger King Mooring Stone

    Today as I made my lunch, I began craving French fries and, giving into temptation, I made my first visit to the Burger King about a block a way, the first time in my five years living in the neighborhood. I also took advantage of the whole in the parking lot fence for the first time, cutting across the adjacent parking lot to Allston Street. As walked the block toward Burger King, I was reminded of the mooring stone that resides on the edge of the parking lot. I took a picture of it a couple years ago while running the Roots program and I’ve been meaning to include it in the WhereProject for some time.

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  • The Sign of the Skateboard

    Today as I went to Herrells to get a cup of coffee, I noticed this skateboard that someone took time to bold to the bus stop sign. It’s a nice touch.

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