Month: May 2003

  • Hawk Sighting

    This evening I hadn’t been in Mt. Auburn for more than five minutes when I looked up to see this hawk perched on a lowing-hanging branch of an Oak tree. For the next fifteen minutes, I watched it sit stoicly while a blue-jay harrassed it, chargin down ever few minutes to glance of the hawk’s head.

    My best guess it was a red-tailed hawk.

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  • Implicitly?

    This gravestone engraving has puzzled me ever since I first saw it. As of yet, I don’t have any leads.

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  • First Time Birdwatching

    This morning I got up early for my first day of birdwatching. At just before 7:00, I made my way to Mt. Auburn cemetery to join a tour with Wayne the Audubon Society orthnothologist.

    I photographed this green heron this past Sunday as I was taking my weekly morning stroll at Mt. Auburn. Some birders were nearby that day to tell me what it was

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