Minton Stable Garden Potluck

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    Minton Stable Garden Potluck

    This evening I stopped by the first potluck of the year at the Minton Stable Garden two blocks away from my place. I sauteed up the collard greens from my CSA and they actually got eaten (even by some kids). Thanks to Laurel for sharing some of her fish–I came away with to nice pieces of sea bass. 


    The Minton Stable Garden was built on an old stable that fell into disrepair but was reclaimed by a group of dedicated gardeners from the neighborhood. Due to their hard work, the space is now a permanent community garden part of the Boston Natural Areas Network

    The evening a memorial was dedicated to John Carroll, the first person to begin gardening here and one of the chief stewards of the space. He died in November and this potluck was a chance for friends, family, and community members to pay tribute to him and spread his ashes in the garden that he worked so hard to create. 

    This video gives a brief portrait of what he was like: 


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    A Heavenly Harvest: First CSA Pick-up

    This evening after work I stopped by Community Servings here in JP to pick up my first CSA delivery of fruits and veggies straight from Heaven’s Harvest Farm in New Braintree, MA. It’s the first time I’ve tried community supported agriculture, so after reading Michael Polland and Bill McKibben recently, I’m excited to try out a new relationship to my food. 

    Here’s what I got in this delivery (as closely as I can identify):

    redcor kale
    green kale
    collard greens
    romane lettuce
    a lemony mint plant

    If anyone has relevant recipes, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. 

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    Recipe for a Tasty Fall Evening in JP

    Last night we had friends over to JP for the Lantern Parade around Jamaica Pond (a few pictures here), a community event featuring lanterns made by kids in the neighborhood to raise money for charity. It was blustery and cold, but it didn’t keep the faithful away, and as usual there was no shortage of super-cute costumed kids.

    After our stroll around the pond, we walked back to the apartment for an autumn-themed dinner:

    The pizza was particularly tasty, so I would recommend trying it if you’re looking for a twist on the standard fall fare.

    We bought the pumpkins a couple of weeks ago at the Allendale Farm, which is only a couple miles from here just on the other side of the Arnold Arboretum and is the last working farm in Boston/Brookline. 


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