Home on Rossmore Rd: the Video

Just a little video to introduce you to my place:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3tj0E_Jijw]


2 responses to “Home on Rossmore Rd: the Video”

  1. neighborly1 Avatar

    Hello Tim!I was perusing place bog sites when I ran across yours. Since you just moved to JP, I felt compelled to tell you about Neighbors for Neighbors (www.neighborsforneighbors.org). You may already know about them, but I'm sitting here in Missouri, so how would I know?Anyway, I live in suburbia and feel everyone here is crazy lonely. Community is heavy on my heart, so I have been the welcome lady, held newcomer receptions and now have a place blog of my own, http://www.sccworlds.com. During my journey to find neighborliness, I found Neighbors for Neighbors and am on their e-mail list. They sound like a fine bunch of people.Wishing you the best!Kris, St. Charles County W.O.R.L.D.S.www.sccworlds.com    

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kris. It's good to know other people out there are trying to find was to use the web to connect themselves to place and community. Your site looks great–it looks like newcomers to your neighborhood will be in good hands. Tim