Breakfast with Fred

Biking to Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge: 750 calories
Overpriced hotel orange juice: $4
Overpriced breakfast sandwich $9
Conversation with Fred: priceless

After three and half hours of conversation about blogging, place, education, and life, we were just getting warmed up, and by the end of the moring I felt a genuine intellectual kinship with this person that I had never met in person before this morning. Looking back, it now seems both amazing and utterly natural to meet up in Cambridge on Monday morning and chat with a blogger from Virginia. It seems fitting that place blogging should at times spill off the screen into a breakfast meeting or a walk in the woods (see Lorianne’s account of meeting Fred on Sunday), and it give me hope that we can find ways to use new media to connect to both places and people in deeper ways.

As I was biking back along the Charles, I found myself admitting to myself that I love Boston and I love my work, both my disseration project and my instructional design work at BC. While I don’t sense that I’m “married” to this place, as Fred is able to say about Floyd County, this statement of committment is important for me to begin saying to myself and to others in order to fully be here, for however long that may last. Sure, I’ve grown to really like being in Boston and I generally have been happy with with my work the last year or two, but it was important to me to actually say it.