I work as an instructional designer at Boston College where I help faculty use technology in their teaching. In this role I regularly consult with individuals and groups around campus, facilitate workshops on teaching-related technologies, and manage a wide variety of web development projects, many of which use the open source application Drupal. Much of my current instructional design work focuses on the use of social software such as blogs and wikis in education.

I recently finished my PhD in the English Department where I specialized in Composition and Rhetoric. My dissertation research focused on the genre of place blogging and examined how people use new media to foster a deeper sense of place.

Contact me | www.timlindgren.com | www.placeblogging.com

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  1. Hi Tim, I found your site via Susan Wittig Albert’s “Lifescapes” blog. I am extremely interested in what you are doing. I have an M.Ed. in Educational Technology – the integration of technology with curriculum. My major interest is in sustainability and love of place, place-based education, connection with one’s soul-place. People will love, care for, sustain, learn about, protect and defend a place that they truly love and care about. People, particularly those of us in the USA, move so much that it becomes difficult for us to attach ourselves with any permanence to “place”. Many of us feel no sense of belonging to a place or of that place belonging to us. Thus we are destroying our places, destroying our earth. We are no longer sustainable, and in fact have not been sustainable for a couple of centuries or more -possibly since the dawn of personkind.

    BTW – “I work as an ???????? and in my spare time I’m . . . ” Your post above leaves out a word. :-D

    Lindy currently in AZ but I don’t belong here.

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