A Sense of Place


“This weblog is an adjunct, a companion, to my primary blog, Time Goes By. It was born in May 2005, when I made the wrenching decision to leave my home in New York City and move to a less expensive part of the United States.

Ageism and its sub-category, age discrimination in the workplace, are alive and thriving here, and I am not alone, at 64 (many face this at even younger ages), in the fiscal necessity, after nearly a year of finding no employment, to leave the place I hold dear and make a new life elsewhere.

Having a sense of place is a large part of how we identify ourselves. When we meet new people, one of the first bits of information exchanged is where we are from. That can mean many things – where you were born, where you live now, perhaps where you feel a part of the earth, the feeling of your primal place in the cosmos. And as geriatrician William H. Thomas, explains, the sense of place is deeply important to older people.

The concern of my main blog is aging and what it’s really like to get older. This one tracks my uprooting, figuring out where to go, searching for a new home, making peace with leaving behind a life of 37 years and creating a new sense of place.

By its nature, this is a more personal blog, a place to explore both the practical details, my emotional response to it all and see what larger issues about place and aging it may raise.

You can read about what was a “moment of decision” to leave New York here and here. And there is a bio at Time Goes By.

It is my hope that the conversation here about A Sense of Place will be as fruitful as the ongoing dialogue at Time Goes By is about getting older.”