The Middlewesterner

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    The Middlewesterner

    Exploring the heart of the country.An accomplished poet and essayist, Tom Montag is the author of Curlew:Home, an affectionate memoir of growing up on a middle western farm during the 1950s; Kissing Poetry’s Sister, essays about writing and being a writer; and many books and chapbooks of poems published over the past 30 years.

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    A Good Documentary Week in Coolidge Corner

    This past week I’ve been to Coolidge Corner four times, seen two opening night documentaries (Fahrenheit 911 and Howard Zinn), eaten at Boca Grande twice (grilled lemon chicken burrito), and stopped by JP Licks twice (lemon sorbet and strawberry-rhubarb). I think I’ve decided to consider Coolidge Corner part of my neighborhood, since it’s only a…

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    ndsu students and ndsu faculty join their blogs and thoughts together in midwestern harmony. the BisonBlog will: contain stories about/by ndsu bloggers, support questions and comments by ndsu bloggers, and be

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    Satan’s Laundomat

    This is a Brooklyn-based photolog with an emphasis on urban decay, strange signage, and general weirdness.

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    Austin Country Limits

    This website is a photo and digital art journal of the Greater Austin, Texas area.

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    Neighborhood Changes

    In my neighborhood of Boston, it seems like every time I walk out the door I notice another store or restaurant that either has disappeared or just come into existence. This evening I took a leisurely stroll to International Bicycle to pick up a new tube, and during my meandering walk (all with in five…

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    Feathers of Hope

    A weblog on nature and place, the design arts, politics, and baseball…Numenius is a geographer by training and temperament. He is a Bay Area native, and grew up roaming the East Bay hills. Pica takes her cue from Pica nuttelli, the endemic magpie of central California, chatty and alighting on gleaming things.

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    Designing Vs Writing

    The other night I got it in my head that I need to revise my site, and when this happens, I usually can’t get it out of my head until it’s done. And when I’m tweaking and redesigning, I am usually unable to write much–form wins out over content.

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    Memorial for a Downed Cyclist

    While riding over the I-90 footbridge this weekend, I came across a memorial for Kirsten Malone, a young woman killed on Saturday when she was struck by a car, apparently in the area where the down ramp meets the frontage road–not the safest interchange for bikers. I assume the bike painted white and chained to…

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    C&W 2004: Paper on Place Blogging

    I presented the following paper at the Computers and Writing 2004 conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 10-13, 2003. This is a first run at writing about place blogging, so all the standard caveats apply: it’s not very polished, it’s meant to be delivered orally rather than read, etc. But I would like to make it…

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